Things every woman needs to know before travelling with her BFFs

After you have tagged yourself as ##wanderlust on Instagram, and pinned a handful of packing hacks. But one of the most challenging part of the trip could be getting into the nuts and bolts of planning your trip, which can be thrilling and terrifying all at once.

1. Sleeping habits tops the list

Are you travelling with a friend who wakes up too early or she sleeps till noon. A good eight hours of sleep is important, while sleeping for too long can spoil the fun. It is essential to figure it out in advance before the trip by having a candid discussion. So that you can handle the sleep schedules better — one person can go sightseeing while the other snoozes — you don’t want anyone to feel left out.

2. Dealing with money

Splitting money during a night out drinking are a common thing, but travel takes finances to a real new level. You have to deal with many things such as exchange rates, foreign transaction fees, plus what people are willing to indulge on during this exploration. It would be wise to discuss what everyone’s comfortable with and discuss that there are always ways to cut down on cost if required. Travelling by public transportation instead of cabs is a  good idea. To carry some cash at hand is another tip, in case you end up at a place that doesn’t have option of credit cards.

3. Even friends can like doing different things

You may be best friends who know everything about each other, but that  doesn’t necessarily mean you would enjoy doing similar things. You might be saying to yourself, “It might sound obvious! Why would we both choose to go to Hawaii if only either of us liked beaches?”, but there may be tons of different ways to relish the same place. “When you’re planing the trip, it would be advisable to be informed of each other’s plans so it doesn’t lead to any confusion once your trip starts. If you happen to figure out, both of you aren’t on the same page, plan a day or two, when you can go off all by yourselves and do things you wish to do.

4. Sharing makes things easier

You could also discuss about sharing or exchanging thing like clothes, shoes, toiletries etc. so that packing becomes simpler and lighter. You could sit down with your friend to know — if she’s willing to share. Holidays are fun if both of you use one closet, instead of two wardrobes.


5. Handling Crisis

When you’re on the trip and you suddenly discover your Airbnb has no heater or a broken shower, and what if a friend is ill, all you would need at that time is a BFF who can relax and handle the situation. Having friends who would freak out when something messes up, would spoil the trip. Friends who laugh at how ridiculous things could get on a holiday would help you calm down and figure out a solution. Flights might get delayed or your hotel check in timing could be an issue, but always keep calm and remember you’re on vacation, with your best friends.