Summer Fashion – Cropped Leggings

    Its getting hotter, but I will still wear leggings until fall. Full-length leggings may feel a bit stifling during the summer.

    You may recall the  wildly popular $69 full-length treggings that “flatter every body type. Treggings are the new leggings, based on the trouser-legging hybrids that have been popping up at brands like H&M, The Row, and Zara.

    Based on their popularity, the brand American Giants, decided to release a $59 cropped pair of the polished, versatile leggings. Giant’s CEO Bayard Winthrop told us, “We saw an opportunity to expand the collection with a shorter, spring-ready version that would have a place in your closet—the Cropped Pant.” As Winthrop puts it, “the pant provides good coverage, has a great, comfortable waistband, and a versatile yet structured fit.”

    All of this, along with the low price point and fabric that’s “designed to fit and flatter every body type with curve-skimming coverage,” pretty much explains why sales of the cropped leggings exceeded their expectations and sold out in a flash (despite the fact that they doubled production based on the popularity of the original pants).

    If all of this leaves you coveting these cropped leggings, you’re in luck. American Giant just restocked the Cropped Pant on March 31 in every size, from 0 to 14. It looks like we’ll collectively be reaching for our credit cards right about now. Shop them below!

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