Go Ahead And Lose Weight In 2 Weeks

    “We become we eat and wear. Our body performs on how we treat it and what is put into it.”
    This is our seven-step guide to improve your looks and figure.
    Step 1 – Never Forget Your Breakfast
    Breakfast kick-starts your day into action, so never skip this very first meal of the day. It can disturb your metabolism. A breakfast should consist of food with protein, healthy fat, fiber and greens. I recommend an egg omelet  with avocado and vegetables or a  smoothie with almond butter. Not a breakfast person? Try blending up some coffee. Let it cool and pour it into a blender with ice cubes and a teaspoon of coconut oil. This “clean latte” will detoxify your body in the morning and speed up your metabolism.
    Step 2- Follow The 4-6 Hour Rule
    Most people think eating lots of small meals through the day is the best way to boost metabolism. I say there’s even greater benefit giving your body time between meals. Breaks are good. Aim for a 4-6 hour gap between meals. This increases the surge in human growth hormone and testosterone that help you lose weight and maintain lean muscle mass. However, always listen to what your body needs. You aren’t doing it right if you feel like you’re starving between meals. In that case you probably need to add more healthy fats to your meals to keep you satiated longer.
    Step 3- Sweat It Out
    Now work out- As far as workouts go, alternate between high-intensity interval training one day, lifting weights another day and staying active throughout the day, every day. High-intensity interval training puts your body through bursts of difficult cardio, which has major muscle-building and fat-burning benefits. Lifting weights increase your muscle mass allowing your body to burn calories more effectively through the day. Staying active through the day helps to regularly metabolize the food you eat. Because, if you think about it, you aren’t really living an active lifestyle if you work out really hard for one hour then to sit for the remaining 10 hours of the day.
    4-Up Your Intake Of Water
    If you are feeling a little thirsty, you run a risk of slowing down your metabolism. In fact, studies have shown that if you’re chronically dehydrated, you could gain about 8 pound of weight every year. If this doesn’t scare you what else will! If you get bored of drinking plain water all day long, try one of these fruit infused waters. I personally love drinking green tea all day.
    Step 5- Eat Healthy Fats
    Adding a source of healthy fat to each of your meals will keep you full longer and give you sustained energy while your body digests. Not only will you not crave snacks in between meals—allowing your metabolism to burn the energy from the meal you just ate—but you will lose weight too! My favorite healthy fats are avocado (probably my favorite food ever), almond butter, oil or ghee.
    Step 6-Spice Things Up
    Did you know that some of our favorite spices can actually up our metabolism? You can add certain spices to your recipes and it will stimulate circulation in the body and even detoxify cells. My favorite metabolism boosting spices are turmeric, nutmeg, allspice, ginger, cayenne and cinnamon. I love having warm Lemon cinnamon Honey Water first thing every morning.
    Step 7- Log In Enough Zzzzs
    Getting enough sleep not just keeps your hormones in check but also keeps you mentally alert and fires up your metabolism for the day. Your muscles and digestive system need rest and restoration, and that’s exactly what happens when you snooze. You’re also more likely to have more energy through the day and avoid late-night snacking the night before. Aim for seven or eight hours every night for a speedy metabolism.
    Stick to these seven steps you’ll be feeling like you’re using energy more efficiently, burning through your meals and losing weight faster than ever.