If you love your smartphone, put an “iRing®” on it!

The iRing® is the latest in smartphone security and enhancement.  This attachable accessory allows you to comfortably and naturally grip your smart device and use it in entirely new ways.  It comes in a variety of colors and finishes to match your smartphone.

The iRing®‘s patented compact swivel hinge allows you to swivel 180° and rotate 360° and functions as a horizontal and vertical Ring Kickstand®.  Our strong, secure adhesive technology allows you to apply or remove the iRing® at any time without leaving any excess residue.

If you like living on the edge (i.e. not putting a protective case on yout smartphone), you might appreciate this elegant solution to slippery phones. The iRing is a swiveling metal ring that sticks to the back of your phone (with reusable, residue-free adhesive) and provides a little extra security in your grip. (It also doubles as a kickstand).

The iRing® provides a flexible, natural grip for your smartphone that’s a must have whether you’re running errands or going sight-seeing.  Our Universal Masstige Ring Grip® helps to hold your phone tightly and securely. Finally, a gadget that prevents phone dropping without a case, or you can use it with your current case!

The iRing® Hook is a simplest universal smartphone mount.  Use it to mount your smartphone on your vehicle‘s dashboard or hang it in your home or office for easy viewing.  One is included with every iRing® and you can buy more for use in more locations.