Must Haves For A Peaceful Sleep

Struggling to get a good night’s sleep? Whether you’re home or traveling, these items are must-haves to take your sleep game to the next level.

The Snuz Mattress

The Snuz mattress was created using the best sleep science. The mattress, which comes in an easy-to-deliver box, has seven layers designed to reduce pressure and improve your sleep.

Snuz mattresses start at $650

Anti-Snore Ring

Anti-snore ring. | Amazon

This small ring uses Chinese medicine to reduce or, in some cases, completely eliminate snoring. The designers of the ring say it will help give you a more restful sleep.

Snore Stopper Acupressure Anti-Snore Ring, $11.99

Wrap-A-Nap Travel Pillow

Wrap-A-Nap| Amazon

This face mask doubles as a travel pillow and also helps to muffle sound. It allows for less sleep distractions no matter where you are (and it also happens to be extremely affordable).

Wrap-A-Nap Travel Pillow, $4.10

Sound+ Sleep MINI

Sound+Sleep MINI | Amazon

The Sound and Sleep MINI is a sound machine designed to provide noise that’ll help you get to sleep and stay asleep through the night.

Sound+Sleep MINI High Fidelity Sound Machine, $69.99

Weighted Throw Blanket

Raschel Blanket Weighted Fleece Napping Throw  | Amazon

Weighted blankets are super trendy. They’re believed to help relieve anxiety and usher you into a more restful sleep.

Raschel Blanket Weighted Fleece Napping Throw, $122.69

Travel-Size Humidifier

Compact Cool Mist Humidifier | Amazon

Humidifiers help prevent dryness and congestion as you sleep. This one also aids in eliminating bacterial growth and is compact enough for you to travel with

Compact Cool Mist Humidifier, $59.99


Natrol Melatonin | Amazon

Melatonin is a known natural sleep aid. When traveling to new places, sometimes it’s tough to get to sleep. Pop some melatonin in your carry-on and drift off into restful sleep.

Natrol Melatonin, $10.68