Food For Good Luck

You would be surprised to know, good food doesn’t only keep you healthy and happy but also brings good luck. We’re  not kidding! According to traditions of Chinese and Thai, eating certain foods is known to turn your fate around. These delicious treats have a very special significance that is deep-rooted in century-old beliefs. Whether you believe in them or not, it’s worth giving them a shot. You don’t really have anything to lose but rather a whole lot of festive foods to relish.

Here is list of Good Luck Food for New Year

1. Green vegetables: These dark green vegetables might sound too healthy to you, but it will help you enjoy a mouthful on New Year’s Eve. People from the United States and Europe too believe that the green color of vegetables such as beans or spinach symbolizes money. So, the more you eat, the more money you would probably make!

2. Lentils: A dish called Cotechini Con Lenticchie is enjoyed on New Year’s Eve in Italy. It is cooked with lentils and sausages. There is a belief that since lentils resemble tiny coins, the dish brings wealth and prosperity in the New Year! Not to forget that lentils become plump when soaked and cooked in water which signifies increased wealth.

3. Long noodles: There is a popular ritual in China, where the New Year Dish is prepared with long and slick strands of noodles that symbolize long life. The tradition is to cooking, eating and swoop the whole noodle without breaking  or cuting them.

4. Pomegranates: Pomegranates, in Turkey is treated as a sweet and juicy New Year fruit. Their ruby red hue is representative of the human heart and signifies life and fertility. Similarly, apples are symbolic of love and fertility too and cider is quite a New Year’s drink. Figs are also considered a symbol of fertility and are used in many New Year desserts such as the special fig pudding enjoyed in European countries.

5. Fish: One of the luckiest foods for New Year is fish. It is believed in many cultures that The silvery and shiny fish brings good luck, wealth and prosperity. Since the fish lays many eggs, it signifies abundance. So many people enjoy seafood dishes during New Year.  Fish dumplings sure tops the list.

Fish is considered to be one of the luckiest foods for New Year

6. Nuts: Nuts symbolize new life. They make good gifting during New Year to wish friends and family a lucky start. They are stuffed in Christmas cakes and added to many festive desserts and treats. Some people bake special cakes with nuts and real coins stuffed in it to bring prosperity in New Year. Mostly ring-shaped cakes are prepared during New Year as a symbol of continuing prosperity.

7. Oranges: Oranges and tangerines are golden, so they are considered lucky according to Chinese tradition. Tangerines stands wealth while oranges represent good luck. These two fruits are very popular during the Chinese New Year celebration. There are plentiful harvest during this time of the year, so these citrus fruits signify joy and abundance too.

8. Grains: Grains like rice, quinoa and barley are very special in New Year celebrations and are concidered to be lucky. Some people believe, cooked rice is the first thing that one should eat to bring in the New Year and attract lots of good luck. As per Indian Mythology, rice grains are known to soak up evil energies and bad omen from your lives and fill it with good luck.  Therefore, rice grains are also used in many religious ceremonies in India.

Grains hold a special place in New Year celebrations and are deemed to be lucky

9. Grapes: In Cuba, Portugal and Spain, the sweet grape fruit is regarded as the food of good luck during the New Year. Some suggest that you must eat one grape for each chime of the clock on the last day of the year to bring good luck, while others make a special wish for each of the twelve grapes that they eat.

10. Corn: Preparing the corn bread is a popular New Year tradition in the United States. The bright hue of the corn kernels is known to be a symbol of gold. The more kernels you add, the more good fortune you may bring into the next year.

In most cultures, it is suggested to eat these lucky foods on New Year’s Eve 2017, i.e 31st December, for a fresh and prosperous start. So, this time around, have some fun with food.

Happy New Year 2018!